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Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery – Original PDF

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CRC Press; 28th edition (March 30, 2023)


Andrew W. McCaskie, P. Ronan O'Connell, Robert D. Sayers


Original PDF


1676 pages






978-0367618599, 9780367548117, 9780367618599, 9781003106852, 9781032301518

The 28th edition of Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery is the leading surgical resource for medical students and surgeons in training. It encompasses the basic principles of careful history taking, observation, deductive reasoning, technical knowledge and post-operative patient care to ensure safe surgical practice.


Key features


  • Relevant – the content matches both undergraduate and post-graduate curriculae


  • Readable – features summary boxes of core knowledge throughout the text. The consistent layout and style of tables, graphics, and diagrams aids easy understanding of key concepts. Also includes algorithms to assist the reader in understanding patient care pathways


  • Current- highlights where major developments in surgical practice have occurred or are likely to transform surgical practice in the next decade


  • Contemporary – includes expanded coverage of paediatric surgery andof transplant surgeryEmphasizes the importance of the multidisciplinary team approach, together with patient engagement in difficult decision making


  • Authoritative – every chapter has been revised by expert authors, and the most up to date content has been included in a familiar format


  • Digital Resources – Readers can access extra content via the dedicated Bailey and Love website which includes Questions and Answers, Expanded Content, Videos, Author interviews and more


Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery 28th editioncontinues to provide the essential knowledge required for surgical training. It remains a familiar friend, venerated by generations of medical students as well as surgeons young and old as a rite of passage and a repository of the core learning needed for clinical practice.


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