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Cardio-Hepatology: Connections Between Hepatic and Cardiovascular Disease – Original PDF

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Academic Press (September 20, 2022)


Tatsunori Taniguchi


Original PDF


376 pages






978-0128173947, 9780128173947

Cardio-Hepatology: Connections Between Hepatic and Cardiovascular Disease provides a direct relationship between the cardiac and hepatic pathologies providing the link between the heart and liver and showing how liver diseases predispose to impairment in heart functioning and vice versa. Considering the growing number of patients living (and living longer) with heart failure and/or congenital heart disease, it is important to know when and how to test for liver disease in this population, how to interpret abnormal test results, and what management is appropriate. Coverage includes what should be done for patients to limit, avoid, or postpone the impairment in the liver functioning induced by heart diseases and the impairment in the heart functioning induced by liver diseases, on the basis of scientific-exposed evidence and pathophysiology knowledge.

This comprehensive, extended review of the medical literature is perfect for researchers interested in the connection between cardiology and hepatology as well as clinicians making therapeutic decisions for patients suffering from heart or liver chronic diseases.

  • Reviews and discusses all current knowledge about the interactions between heart and liver pathologies
  • Provides guidance on current topics surrounding the assessment of the liver in heart failure
  • Presents important clinical cardiovascular assessments in cirrhotic patients


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