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Clinical Neuroradiology: The ESNR Textbook – Original PDF

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Springer; 1st ed. 2019 edition (September 6, 2019)


Àlex Rovira, Frederik Barkhof, Hans Rolf Jäger, Majda M. Thurnher


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2305 pages






978-3319685359, 9783-319685373, 9783319685359, 9783319685366, 9783319685373

This superbly illustrated 3 volume textbook, endorsed by the European Society of Neuroradiology, explains in detail the clinical importance of neuroradiology in complementing history taking and physical examination during the workup of patients suspected of having neurological, neurosurgical, or psychiatric disorders. The role of imaging of the brain and spinal cord is described across the full range of relevant conditions, including, cerebrovascular diseases, trauma, CSF disorders, developmental malformations, inflammatory diseases, epilepsy, tumors and tumor-like conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic conditions and neuromuscular disorders. The structured approach to imaging and image analysis will ensure that the book is an invaluable resource for neuroradiologists in training and clinicians alike. Starting from the clinical indication, suggestions for imaging protocols are provided and checklists of common findings and aspects key to interpretation are presented. The book is published within the SpringerReference program, which combines thorough coverage with access to living editions constantly updated via a dynamic peer-review process.


Sections in the Textbook:

Indications, Technique, and Anatomy: Tarek A. Yousry,

Cerebrovascular Diseases: Rüdiger von Kummer,

Trauma: Johan Van Goethem,

CSF Disorders: Charles Romanowski,

Infectious Brain Disease: Majda M. Thurnher,

Inflammatory and Autoimmune Brain Diseases: Alex Rovira,

Epilepsy: Nuria Bargalló,

Tumor and Tumorlike Conditions: Hans Rolf Jäger,

Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Sven Haller,

Toxic and Acquired Metabolic Conditions: Andrea Falini,

Pediatric Neuroradiology: Andrea Rossi,

Spine and Spinal Cord: Mario Muto,


Peripheral Nervous System and Neuromuscular Disease: Mike Wattjes


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