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Conservative Treatment of Pulp Tissue: Indications, Materials and Techniques – Original PDF

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Nova Science Pub Inc


Francine Benetti Faria


Original PDF


212 pages






978-1685079871, 9781685079871

“Dental pulp is a loose, vascularized connective tissue located within the walls of dentin. This tissue plays an important role in tooth longevity, whose functions are formative, sensitive, nourishing and defensive. Pulp exposure can be caused by severalfactors, such as a carious lesion or tooth fracture, leading to inflammation of the pulp tissue, which can result in necrosis if intervention is not performed quickly. Conservative treatments may be indicated when removal of the carious lesion results inpulp exposure in a young primary or permanent tooth, with normal pulp or reversible pulpitis, or after accidental pulp exposure. This book addresses the physiology and pathology of pulp tissue in order to communicate the importance, indications, and techniques of conservative treatments to be performed, especially in young patients, as well as the most suitable biomaterials”–


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