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Designing Bioactive Polymeric Materials For Restorative Dentistry – Original PDF

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CRC Press; 1st edition (November 26, 2020)


Mary Anne Sampaio de Melo


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280 pages






978-0429113284, 978-1498778862, 9780429113284, 9781498778862

Restorative biomaterials in dentistry are designed to restore the shape and function of teeth. Their applicability is related to restorative procedures such as dental restorations, dentures, dental implants, and endodontic materials. Designing Bioactive Polymeric Materials for Restorative Dentistry reviews the current state of the art for restorative biomaterials and discusses the near-future trends in this field. The book examines the biomaterials utilized in restorative dental applications (bonding, composites, cements, and ceramics) and assesses the design for these materials and the role of nanotechnology.


All of the contributors are active clinical dentists and researchers in this field.








  • Overviews the major ongoing research efforts on developing bioactive bonding systems and composites in dental biomaterials




  • Focuses on emerging trends in restorative dental biomaterials




  • Incorporates evidence-based data on new restorative dental materials throughout the book




  • Features extensive references at the end of each chapter to enhance further study








Mary Anne S. Melo, DDS, MSc, PhD FADM, is an Associate Professor and Division Director of Operative Dentistry at the School of Dentistry, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland.


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