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Disorders of the Auditory System – Original PDF

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Plural Publishing, Inc.; 2nd edition (April 1, 1920)


Frank E. Musiek, Jane A. Baran, Jennifer B. Shinn, Raleigh O. Jones


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492 pages






978-1635502169, 978-1944883010, 9781635502169, 9781944883010

The second edition of Disorders of the Auditory System reflects the combined efforts of renowned audiologists and otologists to provide to the reader with both the audiologic and medical aspects of auditory dysfunction associated with disorders of the peripheral and central auditory system. This book includes numerous insightful case studies covering both classic and unique clinical presentations that will provide informative reading for students and professionals in the fields of audiology, otology, and neurology. The book also includes color images of video otoscopy.

New to the Second Edition

  • Coverage of additional auditory disorders, including meningitis, cytomegalovirus, enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome, and barotrauma
  • New case studies
  • Updated references and resources
  • Access to a PluralPlus companion website for instructors that includes PowerPoint lecture slides and the color images from the text


From the Foreword

Writing a book on disorders of the auditory system is a daunting task. Few individualshave the depth and breadth of knowledge to accomplish it effectively. But the authors of this volume, Drs. Frank E. Musiek, Jennifer B. Shinn, Jane A. Baran, and Raleigh O. Jones, are among a very small number of teams truly able to meet the challenge. This team has dealt with the issues and problems surrounding the evaluation of auditory disorders for many years, has devised a number of the tools in current use for clinical evaluation, and has applied them successfully in a variety of settings. They have been in the trenches. This team also reflects a fine working relationship between audiology, otology, and neurology critical to understanding the complex issues related to auditory disorders. In this new edition, they bring us very nicely up to date on the present status of what has become, over the last five decades, a broad array of auditory disorders. This second edition especially emphasizes more case studies, coverage of additional disorders, and some very sophisticated new illustrations. In addition, the all-important reference list has been updated. I continue to recommend this book, especially this new second edition, as an excellent text for an advanced undergraduate or graduate course on auditory disorders and their evaluation.
James Jerger, PhD


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