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Handbook of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine – Original PDF

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Demos Medical; 1st edition (August 29, 2022)


MD Rinaldi, Robert J., MD Srinivasan, Rajashree


Original PDF


392 pages






978-0826184481, 9780826184481, 9780826184498

The Handbook of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine is a valuable, first of its kind resource in its field. Featuring cutting-edge clinical knowledge from practicing physicians and experts across specialties, the book offers comprehensive information in a quick and accessible fashion.


This compact reference contains an impressive breadth of information. It provides evidence-based guidance for day-to-day management of both common and uncommon problems and rehabilitation challenges specific to the pediatric patient. Beginning with an overview of normal pediatric development, the handbook’s six parts cover a wide range of central nervous system disorders, neuromuscular, autoimmune, and musculoskeletal conditions, cancer and pain, and evaluation and treatment modalities.


Designed as a framework to inform clinical decision-making, the book is an essential resource for health professionals providing rehabilitation care to children in a wide variety of disciplines and settings. This broad-scope handbook is unique in its focus on pediatric rehabilitation, and will help everyone from trainees to seasoned practitioners access the information they need to successfully manage associated problems and conditions in their younger patients.


Key Features:


  • Targets core clinical issues and areas of growing importance for a complete survey of pediatric rehabilitation medicine


  • Incorporates current literature and evidence-based information throughout


  • Essential for practitioners at any level in PM&R, pediatrics, primary care, orthopedics, physical therapy, nursing, and others who see children with disabilities and injuries


  • Formatted for quick access in the busy clinical setting


  • Purchase includes access to the ebook for mobile use on most devices


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