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Immunohistochemistry: A Technical Guide to Current Practices – Original PDF

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Cambridge University Press (July 7, 2022)


Trung Nguyen


Original PDF


‎ 282 pages






978-1009107723, 9781009106924, 9781009107723

This book will enable practitioners to understand the many complex intricacies of immunohistochemistry (IHC) and make best use of this powerful analytical tool. Providing a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of immunohistochemistry, the book includes several chapters on robotics and automation technology, giving key information on the design of machines and tips to maximise workflow efficiencies. The relationship between IHC and molecular pathology is explained clearly, demonstrating the increasing impact on personalized medicine and targeted therapies for cancer patients. The staining protocol is deconstructed, allowing the reader to adapt it for a variety of diagnostic and research applications. Written by experts at the forefront of hospital immunohistochemistry, there is a strong emphasis on practical guidance on a range of techniques as well as troubleshooting of common problems driven by the authors’ experiences. Extensively illustrated with high-quality colour images, this is an invaluable resource to all pathology practitioners utilising the technique.


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