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Management of Infertility: A Practical Approach – Original PDF

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Academic Press (September 23, 2022)


Antonino Guglielmino, Antonio Simone Laganà


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444 pages






978-0323899079, 978-0323899154, 9780323899079, 9780323899154

Management of Infertility: A Practical Approach offers an accurate and complete reference for the management of infertility and a robust step-by-step guide for assisted reproduction technologies (ARTs), including how to plan, design and organize a clinical setting and laboratory. The book also provides an evidence-based, complete and practical description of the available methods for diagnosis and management of male and female infertility. This will be an ideal resource for researchers, students and clinicians who want to gain complete knowledge about both basic and advanced information surrounding the diagnosis and management of infertility and related disorders.

  • Provides a step-by-step guide on how to design, plan and organize an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) unit and laboratory
  • Deeply discusses both male and female factor infertility, providing a complete guide for the diagnosis and treatment of the different causes of infertility
  • Addresses all the techniques of assisted reproduction and in vitro fertilization, discussing their use in different clinical settings


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