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Management of Sleep Disorders in Psychiatry – Original PDF

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Oxford University Press; 1st edition (October 27, 2020)


Amit Chopra, Karl Doghramji, Piyush Das


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584 pages






978-0190929671, 9780190929671, 9780190929688, 9780190929695

Management of Sleep Disorders in Psychiatry provides the most comprehensive and evidence-based review of the clinical management of DSM-V based sleep-wake disorders in patients with psychiatric disorders. This book is organized into three sections that focus on the basics of sleep medicine, clinical features and treatment of DSM-V sleep-wake disorders, and evidence-based management of sleep disorders commonly associated with a range of DSM-V based psychiatric disorders.

The first section orients the reader to topics such as sleep physiology, neural mechanisms of wakefulness and sleep, circadian rhythms, effects of sleep on cognition, history taking in sleep medicine, and clinical application of technical procedures used in the field of sleep medicine. The second section adopts a unique perspective of using DSM-V classification of sleep-wake disorders to integrate the management of sleep disorders with mainstream clinical psychiatry. This section features a comprehensive chapter on pediatric sleep-wake disorders, a topic of interest to fellows and practicing clinicians specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry. The third section offers the most comprehensive review of comorbidity, shared pathophysiology, and clinical management of sleep disorders within the context of a wide range of DSM-V based psychiatric disorders. This section also highlights important topics such as delirium, neurocognitive disorders, effects of psychotropic medications on sleep, neurological disorders, pain disorders, forensic sleep medicine, and eating disorders.

This clinically-oriented resource provides case vignettes and clinical pearls to illustrate the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in the setting of a variety of psychiatric presentations. Additionally, each chapter includes a self-assessment section with multiple-choice questions that helps the reader solidify their clinical skills and prepare for the board and certification examinations for topics pertinent to sleep-wake disorders in psychiatry.


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