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Mayo Clinic General Surgery – Original PDF

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Oxford University Press; 1st edition (May 14, 2020)


David R. Farley, Jad M. Abdelsattar, Moustafa M. El Khatib, Samuel J. Allen, T. K. Pandian


Original PDF


‎ 312 pages






978-0190650506, 9780190650506, 9780190650520, 9780190650537

Mayo Clinic General Surgery is a concise text that aims to provide learners with knowledge crucial to the development of surgical skill. Featuring nearly 200 “challenge” questions designed to reveal the gaps in your surgical knowledge and over 200 instructional videos, with accompanying video stills and transcripts, this book offers multiplatform educational content in a learner-friendly format. Contents include surgery by organ system, such as the esophagus and colon, and a special chapter for trauma assessment. Each chapter contains information on the organ system, including embryology, anatomy, and physiology, as well as clinical presentations and imaging techniques. Finally, every chapter offers descriptions of operations and potential postoperative complications.

Dr. Farley and his coauthors present the core concepts of general surgery instruction at Mayo Clinic, offering a unique glimpse at surgical training in this world-renowned institution. This book provides succinct and accurate information in a written, visual, and audiovisual format that allows efficient access to surgical learners-especially those with just a few minutes to spare. Ultimately, the goal is to better prepare students, residents, and fellows for their surgical experiences and lead to better understanding with long-term retention.


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