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MR Linac Radiotherapy: A New Personalized Treatment Approach – Original PDF

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Academic Press; 1st edition (December 16, 2022)


Cem Onal, Enis Ozyar, Sara L. Hackett


Original PDF


562 pages






978-0323916899, 9780323916899

MR Linac Radiotherapy: A New Personalized Treatment Approach comprises both clinical and physical aspects of this new technology. The book covers treatment planning, workflow and technical issues about MR-Linac. Specially, the clinical use of MR-Linac according to different cancer types is presented by experienced physicians. This is a unique guide for medical physicists, RTTs, dosimetrists and physicians, as well as radiation oncologists and their teams. The MR Linac combines two technologies – a magnetic resonance imaging scanner and a linear accelerator – to precisely locate tumors, tailor the shape of radiation beams in real-time, and precisely deliver doses of radiation, even to moving tumors.

This highly innovative technology is very new, and the number of newly installed MR-Linac machines will gradually increase worldwide. However, as there is no published book as a guideline, this book will help new MR-Linac users and centers planning to have MR-Linac.


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