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Bentham Science Publishers (September 27, 2022)


Cesare Romagnolo, Tiziano Maggino


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978-9815050158, 9789815050141, 9789815050158, 9789815050165

Research on young individuals and childbearing adults being treated for neoplasia has revealed a rising number of requests for treatments aimed to maintain the possibility to conceive. To answer such requests, it is important for medical professionals to consider the necessity to cure the woman, to preserve her fertility, to give information both on the effect of neoplasia and treatments on pregnancy. Patients have to be informed on the possible treatment alternatives that are less aggressive towards the reproductive function, but at the same time, give desirable results in terms of survival.

Neoplasia and Fertility describes the state-of-the-art on fertility preservation in women affected by neoplasia. The 11 book chapters inform the reader with the goal of equipping them with the required information needed to present the condition and to discuss the possibility of conceiving, and how to manage patients after oncologic treatments at different stages of pregnancy.

Key Features

– Informs the reader about the relationship between gynecological cancer and fertility in women through 11 chapters

– Describes a broad range of cancers and relevant treatment options for maintaining fertility

– Explains the role of a ‘Fertility Sparing Team’ in clinics

– Familiarizes the reader with the ethics behind oncology treatments with reference to female fertility

– Describes fertility issues related to hereditary cancers in women

– Includes references for further reading

The book serves as an informative reference on the subject to medical doctors in the gynecology, obstetrics and midwife specialties, and nurses training the gynecological oncology. It will also be of interest to healthcare administrators involved in fertility and oncology clinics, as well as general practitioners in family medicine.


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