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Perioperative Quality Improvement – True PDF+Toc+Index

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Elsevier (July 30, 2022)


Carol J. Peden, Lee A Fleisher, Michael Englesbe


True PDF (With TOC & Index)


448 pages






978-0323833998, 978-0323834001, 9780323833998, 9780323834001

Quality improvement (QI) principles are increasingly important in every area of today’s healthcare, encompassing efforts to make healthcare delivery safer, more effective, patient-centered, timely, equitable, and efficient. Perioperative Quality Improvement provides up-to-date, easy-to-read guidance for perioperative clinicians on this critical topic. Each chapter covers a pertinent area of QI in the perioperative setting, focusing on both concepts and implementation. Written and edited by key international opinion leaders in the field, this text is a relevant, concise resource for anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurse anesthetists, and hospitalists—anyone involved in perioperative medicine regardless of specialty area.

  • Explains concepts related to understanding the tools and techniques used in improving the quality of care, establishing a culture of quality, prioritizing areas of improvement, collecting and analyzing data, communicating, motivating people to change, and performing ongoing evaluations.

  • Covers key topics such as patient-centered care, equity, shared decision making, process mapping, and sustainability.


  • Addresses the critical areas of structure, process and outcome with a focus on perioperative care and relevant case studies.


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