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Pitfalls in Ultrasound of Thyroid Nodules – Original PDF

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Springer (March 21, 2023)


Gaosong Wu, Qianqian Yuan, Rui Zhou


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130 pages






978-9811988721, 978-9811988738, 9789811988721, 9789811988738

Thyroid nodules with benign signs might be subjectively diagnosed as malignant, leading to over treatment, and nodules with malignant signs might be regarded as benign causing insufficient curing. In order to improve the accuracy rate of thyroid nodules, this book analysed ultrasound diagnosis for thyroid nodules in multiple difficult and misdiagnosed cases from thyroid surgeons’ perspective and closely combined ultrasound imaging with clinical information, including ultrasound images and palpation of thyroid nodules, ultrasound detection video, gross specimen and pathologic diagnosis to interpret the ultrasound images of thyroid nodules, which can be a reference for thyroid surgeons and beginner.


This is the first book which has systematically summarized the ultrasound thyroid nodules from the perspective of surgeons, closely combining the imaging and clinical characteristics.


Contains abundant clinical cases, and can be used as a teaching book for beginner and an expert-led training course.

Help surgeons to better carry out clinical work, making up for the lack of knowledge in anatomy and clinical pathology.

Helps surgeons to perform the preoperative ultrasound evaluation, in order to decrease the missed and misdiagnosed nodules.


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