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Principles of Pulmonary Medicine – True PDF

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Elsevier; 8th edition (June 8, 2023)


Barbara A. Cockrill, Jess Mandel, Steven E. Weinberger


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448 pages






978-0323880565, 978-0323881357, 9780323880565, 9780323881357

Using a concise, understandable approach, Principles of Pulmonary Medicine, 8th Edition, provides a broad overview of this fast-changing field, integrating clinical topics with underlying physiologic, pathophysiologic, and basic science concepts. From cover to cover, it clearly explains and illustrates even the most challenging concepts in a uniquely readable and digestible fashion. With its emphasis on pathophysiology and diagnosis as the basis for optimal management of respiratory disorders, this popular text is an essential reference for medical students, trainees, and those looking for a practical update on both acute and chronic pulmonary diseases.

  • Presents physiologic concepts, pathogenetic and pathophysiologic mechanisms, and radiologic and pathologic correlates of disease in a clear, understandable manner.
  • Features extensive content updates on interstitial lung disease, emerging and/or viral infections (including COVID-19), lung cancer, asthma, and new biologic and immunologic treatments available for a variety of diseases.
  • Contains excellent visuals for understanding and interpreting pulmonary disease with easy-to-understand anatomic illustrations and accompanying radiologic and pathophysiologic images—now all in full color for the first time. This edition provides even more images, especially chest radiographs and CT scans, that offer more examples of clinical disorders.
  • Provides therapeutic strategies, including evidence for assessing relative benefits, harms, and costs.
  • Includes useful appendices that provide simplified methods for interpreting pulmonary function tests and arterial blood gases, while also presenting sample problems that test the reader’s ability to use respiratory equations, assess pulmonary function abnormalities, and interpret arterial blood gases.
  • Provides access to extensive online content such as author commentaries, video clips, audio recordings of lung sounds, and over 200 case-based self-assessment questions modeled after the USMLE exam.
  • Includes margin notes throughout the text that summarize the major points and concepts and allow the reader to quickly review the material.


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