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Principles of Radiographic Imaging: An Art and A Science – Original PDF

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‎ Cengage Learning; 6th edition (January 3, 2019)


Arlene M. Adler, Richard R. Carlton, Vesna Balac


Original PDF


320 pages






978-1337711067, 9781337711067

Fascinated by X-rays and medical imaging technology? Drawn to work that helps others? PRINCIPLES OF RADIOGRAPHIC IMAGING: AN ART AND A SCIENCE, 6th Edition reveals the inner workings of radiography careers, including radiologist assistants, radiologic technologists, ultrasound techs, CT and MRI techs, and other imaging roles in health care. Some books dump too much on you too fast, but this one moves at your pace, delivering the math and physics behind radiology before advancing to complex subjects. And it�s designed around actual job skills like creating the beam, running scans and tests, and analyzing images–so you can pass accreditation exams and work in emergency rooms and hospitals. Reader-friendly yet packed with information, this text offers all you need to know about digital radiography systems, digital exposure factors, instrumentation and so much more!


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