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Rhinoplasty: a Case-based approach – Videos

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Elsevier; 1st edition (August 13, 2022)


Behnam Bohluli DMD, Foad Nahai MD FACS, Husain Ali Khan MD DMD FACS, James D. Frame FRCS FRCS (Plast.), Shahrokh C. Bagheri BS DMD MD FACS FICD


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978-0323697750, 9780323697750

A valuable resource for cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons at all levels of training and expertise, Rhinoplasty: A Case-Based Approach offers systematic, expert coverage of both common and complex  rhinoplasty procedures performed in today’s practice. Each chapter offers a carefully written teaching case that outlines essential information related to fundamental aspects of the condition―all from the world’s leading experts in rhinoplasty and aesthetic surgery. Numerous high-quality illustrations and procedural videos help you master the techniques that lead to optimal outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

  • Presents more than 150 teaching cases that represent the full range of today’s practice of cosmetic surgery. Cases are ones most commonly seen, or those that have significant implications for modern clinical practice.
  • Provides the presentation, physical exam findings, and laboratory and imaging studies for each case, along with an analysis of treatment options, complications, selected references, and other relevant information.
  • Reflects real-life clinical perspectives, presenting patients as they would before a surgery, followed by an expert walk-through of the procedure.
  • Features high-quality clinical images and clear anatomical artwork, as well as procedural videos for real-time visual guidance.
  • Shares the experience and knowledge of internationally renowned surgeons who draw from different training backgrounds to provide a multidisciplinary approach to the vast array of patient desires for beauty and functionality.
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.


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