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Skeletal Trauma of the Upper Extremity – True PDF+Toc+Index

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Elsevier (July 22, 2021)


Grant E. Garrigues, Marc J. Richard, Mark J. Gage


True PDF (With TOC & Index)


672 pages






978-0323761802, 978-0323761819, 9780323761802, 9780323761819

From the sternoclavicular joint to the distal phalanx, Skeletal Trauma of the Upper Extremity is a practical, one-volume resource covering all aspects of upper limb trauma and surgery. Comprehensive in scope, it features a multidisciplinary, step-by-step approach to evaluation and management, including concise background information and a detailed focus on practical points and surgical techniques. Written by global experts in traumatology, sports medicine, shoulder, elbow, and hand surgery, this richly illustrated guide brings you into the operating room with leaders in the field.

  • Offers detailed, practical guidance from the originators and/or masters of each procedure, along with multiple, illustrated surgical technique descriptions.


  • Includes pearls and pitfalls, preoperative evaluation and indications, surgical techniques, rehabilitation, and management of complications.


  • Features tables and figures throughout that clearly demonstrate surgical tips and tricks.


  • Identifies controversial topics and covers current challenges such as arthroscopic coracoclavicular/acromioclavicular joint reconstruction, reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for proximal humerus fracture, total elbow arthroplasty for fracture, interosseous membrane reconstruction of the forearm, and many more.


  • Contains more than 500 high-quality illustrations, including anatomical and surgical illustrations, surgical photographs, ultrasounds, and x-rays.


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