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Textbook of Human Reproductive Genetics – Original PDF

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Cambridge University Press; 2nd edition (January 5, 2023)


Karen D. Sermon, Stéphane Viville


Original PDF


‎ 224 pages






‎ 978-1009197724, ‎ 9781009197724, 9781009197700

A basic understanding of human genetics is vital for all those working in the field of assisted human reproduction. Genetic makeup can hamper reproduction and insight into this is making genetic diagnosis and counselling increasingly important. This fully updated textbook continues the clear structure of the original edition, beginning with a chapter on the basics of genetics and cytogenetics. Genetic causes of infertility and the effect of epigenetics and transposons on fertility are discussed in detail. Several new chapters are included in this edition, reflecting the advances of the field, including preconception genetic analysis and screening in IVF and mitochondrial genetics. Combining genetics, reproductive biology and medicine, this is an essential text for practitioners in reproductive medicine and geneticists involved in the field looking to improve their knowledge of the subject and provide outstanding patient care.


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