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The Immediacy Concept: Treatment Planning from Analog to Digital – Original PDF

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Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc (June 15, 2022)


E. Armand Bedrossian, Edmond Bedrossian, Lawrence Brecht


Original PDF


408 pages






978-1647240424, 978-1647241193, 9781647240424, 9781647241193

“Immediate loading meets digital treatment planning in this latest implant title. The authors emphasize that the preservation of alveolar hard and soft tissues using the immediacy concept is more predictable than is the reconstruction of the hard and soft tissues using the traditional delayed approach once resorption has occurred. Immediate loading has also shown to be very predictable in cases of full-arch reconstructions and has become the treatment of choice in cases where appropriate criteria are met. Because a thorough understanding of analog protocols is necessary before attempting a digital case, the authors review these fundamental concepts to provide context for the transition to the digital realm. The book begins by outlining the principles of immediate loading and those of digital workflows before delving into individual clinical situations ranging from single teeth to full arches, both with and without bone resorption. Information on prosthetics is included as well as surgical treatment planning. The book concludes with a chapter entirely devoted to case presentations of all the treatment types covered throughout. If you are ready to step into the future of dental implant treatment, this book is for you!


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