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The Neurosurgical Consult Book – True PDF+Toc+Index

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Elsevier (September 2, 2022)


Ann Liu, Jordina Rincon-Torroella, Risheng Xu


True PDF (With TOC & Index)


‎ 416 pages






‎ 978-0323756143, ‎ 9780323756143, 978-0323756150, 9780323756150

Written by neurosurgery residents for neurosurgery residents, The Neurosurgical Consult Book focuses on the initial care and treatment of the neurosurgical consult patient, providing the key guidance you need when quick clinical management decisions are critical. You’ll learn to recognize the acuity of patient presentation and determine how to immediately triage the needs of the patient at an appropriate level of care. This portable, practical guide helps you quickly steer neurosurgical patients to medical stability and safety until a definitive clinical management plan is determined.

  • Features a real-life approach with chapters titled by the symptoms and clinical presentation of the patient, not by neurosurgical diagnosis.
  • Begins each chapter with the actual consult notification from the consulting team, mimicking how the neurosurgery provider is notified about a new patient in practice.
  • Presents initial imaging as it occurs in real life—whether imaging has already been done or whether the consulting physician needs guidance on what imaging is needed.
  • Includes Walking Thoughts, guidance on how to tailor your thoughts toward the most important and pressing issues facing the patient before even meeting them, so that upon seeing the patient, the most important questions are asked first.
  • Covers the Glasgow Coma Scale, the systematic thought process behind triage management, and learning points to remember when seeing a particular type of neurosurgical patient.
  • Summarizes evidence-based standards of care and key literature.
  • An excellent learning tool for neurosurgery and neurology residents as well as neurosurgery fellows, registered nurses, neurocritical care health care providers, clinical fellows, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, travel nurses, advance practice practitioners, emergency room providers, and medical students rotating in neurology, neurosurgery, and neurosciences.


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