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Haematology: A Core Curriculum – Original PDF

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World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd; Second edition (May 26, 2020)


Barbara Jane Bain


Original PDF


364 pages






978-1786348661, 978-1786348869, 9781786348661, 9781786348678, 9781786348685, 9781786348869

The test cases are particularly variable, including pertinent management tips in the answers. The book also contains a set of useful self-assessment questions. Being pedantic, this could now benefit from an increase in the proportion of ‘Single Best Answer Questions’, now ubiquitous in undergraduate assessment. This will continue to be on my local recommended reading list, particularly for those students wanting a thorough understanding of Haematology, from the laboratory through to basic management. It would also be a good text for those starting a career in Haematology, such as Physician Associates and doctors early in their training.’British Journal of HaematologyThis second edition of Haematology: A Core Curriculum is written by a haematologist with more than forty-five years of experience in teaching haematology to medical students and whose pedagogical and writing skills are widely admired within the field.The textbook takes a useful, practical approach, incorporating self-evaluation questions and learning objectives that give students the information needed to understand the topic and clear indications of the core knowledge required to progress within the field of haematology. Themes covered include clinical haematology and the scientific basis of the discipline and the causes and pathogenesis of haematological disorders as well as how conditions are diagnosed and treated.Haematology closely follows the Imperial College London curriculum but medical students, trainee nurses and biomedical science students from other institutions will find the textbook equally suitable, since it includes the core student haematology curriculum as recommended by the Royal College of Pathologists.Related Link(s)


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