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Acne: Current Concepts and Management – Original PDF

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Springer (August 20, 2021)


Dae Hun Suh


Original PDF


203 pages






978-3030689957, 9783030689957, 9783030689964, 9783030689988

This book brings together world-famous acne researchers and specialists to compile a source of comprehensive, state-of-the-art information for management of acne. It examines acne as a chronic skin disease from pathogenesis to treatment.




The book covers the clinical aspects of acne, topical treatments, light therapies, environmental factors and more alongside real patient photos from around the world. Treatments that chapters explore include photodynamic therapy and topical retinoids. In addition to genetic and hormonal causes of acne, chapters also include discussions on the connections between acne and diet, and acne and environmental factors. International contributors make this text unique in that it can focus solely on acne but also include international factors.




Throughout the text, authors present the most up-to-date knowledge of acne pathophysiology, clinical features, differential diagnosis, treatment, and more. Pathophysiology, in particular, includes information on bacteria, immunity, endocrinologic factors, various deteriorating factors and environmental factors. As for clinical features, adult acne, differences in clinical patterns by region and race, and acne fulminans are covered. Regarding treatment, the latest knowledge on existing treatments or treatment methods, new drugs, and core outcome measures are mentioned.




Acne: Current Concepts and Management is written for the dermatologist community from resident to researcher to privately practicing clinician.


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